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Not all parking spaces are created equal. Beacon converts your most sought-after spaces into premium spaces, giving your top customers the ability to park right up front. Unlock new revenue potential for your business and give your visitors the VIP experience that they deserve.

How it works

Front row parking for your best customers.

We’ll help you identify the best front-row spaces in your parking lot and place Beacon signs at each of them. Each sign has a weighted base, so no screws or bolts in the asphalt are needed.


Users can easily scan the sign’s QR code from the comfort of their car. They’re redirected to our simple, mobile-optimized web page for payment. There’s no app download required! The entire process takes less than 10 seconds.


Now that your Beacon spots are filled and generating new revenue, you’ll be granted access to your own dedicated Operator Dashboard to monitor key metrics, view historical reports, and watch your bottom line grow.


A business no-brainer.


Where we are.
Where we're going.






Amusement Parks

Premium Outlets

Movie Theaters



Mass Transit Hubs

Festivals / Concerts

Why Beacon?

An innovative product
for a growing market.

New Revenue

Customer Loyalty

One parking space charging $2.50/hr averages $7,000 in revenue per year. Our data show 8-10% of the population is willing to pay for front-row parking. Therefore, we typically recommend businesses convert 5% of their parking spaces to Beacon spaces – but every situation is different. For parking lots of average size (~500 parking spaces, or the equivalent of the parking at a small movie theater), converting 5% of their parking spaces (just 25 total) equates to $175,000 in new revenue per year.

Strategizing and implementing a successful loyalty program is no easy task. Businesses use incentives, ranging from discounts to promotions and rewards points to amenities, in order to entice customers to return. To take advantage of these perks, however, customers still must overcome the challenge of parking. Beacon provides businesses with the critical missing link in their customer rewards offerings – the ability to entice their best customers to return with the VIP parking experience they deserve.

You're one click away from an elevated parking experience
for your business.

Every minute your customers are spending searching for parking is time that they're not spending where you want them - inside your establishment. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help get you closer to your best customers and generate your business tremendous new revenue.

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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